Why your presence of mind matter a lot during interview process



Interview can be regarded as few minutes of test for the potential candidates during their quest of attaining the dream job.

Now considering this crucial phase of life, the interviewer due to his years of experience often tend to gauge the mental level of candidates with his trickiest of queries.

Yes, this is basically done to help him ascertain and create a favorable picture in his mind, that look “this is the right candidate for the job”.

So, you need to be like the confident person, where he can say “Yes” right there and then after taking your interview.

So, this is where your presence of mind is highly the subject of great importance which you won’t be able to deny in any manner.

You can relate the time of interview to life’s different modes as there are happy and sad moments, same is the case with interview where you may be experiencing happy as well as sad moments.

From sad moments, I mean, those difficult or challenging queries, but you have to keep your calm.

Let’s take an example of one of the challenging query, which may come to you in the following manner:-

When the interviewer asks, “How will you react, if I reject you from the Job?”

Well, this query in itself can potentially demoralize or dishearten even the strongest of the person without any delay. However, that’s where your smartness comes to play. Yes, you have to make the best use of your presence of mind by giving him the best possible answer which is as follows:-

Obviously, I won’t be happy, but having said that, based on your judgment, I believe that I have to work further on my skills and capabilities and I am confident that next time, I will come to interview, I will be selected.”

This in itself is a complete answer which will force the interviewer to realize 2 things:-

  • Firstly it is your coolness and calm mind, since you didn’t feel sad or cheated
  • Secondly, it is the confidence in you

Yes, an employee has to have these two characteristics in any manner. Yes, in short, they have to be ingrained in the person like anything and as one have them, then the good news is waiting for you, I mean about your selection


Another query which the interviewer may ask you to check your ability

How will you react, if I am not ready to give you, your desired and expected salary”?

Again, the query is put forward to ascertain the level of smartness which you have.

Since, any organization will be more than happy to pay the desired salary as per the stature of the candidate. So, you can answer him as follows:-

I am pleased that you have considered me appropriate for the post and based on my skills and caliber, I gave a rough idea about the salary expectations which I have. I am confident in what I have said and if I am given the chance, I will prove to be an asset for the company.

This answer is sufficient for instilling a sense of your “surety” about the expectations. Yes, in all scenarios, he will agree with your expectation.

However, if still, he doesn’t, then your smartness lies towards asking him, first, (like how much he expects you to give) and then negotiating from their own.





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