Can bloggers from India and Pakistan cement the relations further?


Indian and Pakistani bloggers could not have been closer than this for sure and this is a healthy sign that the relations between the countries are improving even further than ever before.

Some of you might pose a question whether the business relations of few thousands bloggers on either side can actually have any effect for the countries which are at loggerheads?

Yes of course. Since, what matters is the beginning. So what if it is small? After all, it signals towards boosting the relations between those two countries who inspite of being “one” years before, have been at the forefront of massive confrontations which have resulted in massive loss of lives and property.

Big chunk of bloggers are youth

Bloggers from their respective groups are doing business with each other where 99% of them constitute youth who can play an important role towards cementing the relations between the countries even further. After all, business does not differentiate between race, color, creed and nationality.

Social Media has further facilitated the union

I can’t thank social media more (which is considered to be such a renowned medium) to make our neighbors even closer than ever before. Since, most of the bloggers are directly dealing with their Pakistan counterparts and doing business, thus leaving misunderstanding automatically. I only hope had it not for the politicians, both Pakistan and India would have never seen some of the worst times. I feel sorry for the loss of lives, since at the end of day, it is the humanity which suffers.

Bloggers are known for their patience, honesty and humility

While I look at the chat windows, I equally have Pakistani Facebook friends like my Indian ones. We are working under one platform and what unites us is this wonderful profession of blogging which is synonymous with respect. Isn’t it? After all, bloggers are known by their characteristic of patience, humility, honesty and most importantly professionalism. Hence, they are able to make a name for themselves by having such wonderful traits.

We have so much in common

Let’s hope our politicians learn a lesson by noting down the seriousness which we have towards stepping forward for a bright future. Our forefathers have been one and we are the same as well since we posses the same language and culture. We equally have more or less the same interest in cricket and Bollywood. The marriage between Indian tennis player and Shoeb Akhtar has further given enough reasons for the two families to some where feel a common connection.

These things further unite us. The other day I was having a skype chat with one of my Pakistani Facebook friends and I could hear a Bollywood song “Tere Naam” running in the local radio, there (in the background)

It feels great to connect to others and most importantly the base of the whole thing stands out to be blogging.. Let’s hope that the bloggers of both the countries cement the relations between the two countries even further in order to form a future of peace, trust, confidence where the community of bloggers thrive manifolds. You never know that it further opens the door for prosperity by inviting trade along with other business opportunities. I sincerely pray that lets take pledge to end the fight once and for all and embrace each other. Since, at the end of the day, both of us will always be neighbors. Isn’t it?

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